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Catching Up

Things never seem to slow down do they? Ever since lockdown ended in Virginia life for me has been like a constant game of catch up. I find myself longing for those hours of free time spent by the creek sketching and daydreaming. Now every waking hour is spent taking care of either business or personal responsibilities, or planning the next action. Sometimes it's a chore to stop and breathe(but always worth it to do so). Right now i have about 10 art projects floating in my mind, sprawled about my desk, begging to be completed. The subject lines of emails i haven't opened bounce around in my head like a scratched record.

"One thing at a time" I try to tell myself. Yesterday that one thing was freshening up my logo design and signature. Done 🗸. Today that one thing was perfecting my business name. Sabrina Robinson Art. Simpler than before. The exclusion of my middle initial "R" makes all the difference. My website is officially ! My Etsy too: SabrinaRobinsonArt. Even my instagram is up to date. For the first time in some time, those names are all uniform. Zazzle also hooked me up with some new business cards with those updates which should be arriving in about a week.

I've got a lot to do still and not enough time in the days but I have to say after these little accomplishments I do finally feel a bit caught up.

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