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Lockdown Activities

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Thanks for stopping by my site! If you're reading this post in 2020 you may be practicing social distancing, you may be out of work, and you may be bored! So for your viewing pleasure I've posted several sketchbook tours on my YouTube channel as well as a resin pour and demolding compilation video. As I continue to stay at home myself I will be filling more sketchbooks and doing more tour videos! I'm also thinking about live painting and drawing videos while I've got the time! Here's my most recent youtube post:

If you watch ALL of my videos, LIKE them AND comment and you're STILL BORED here are some more ways to entertain yourself: JIG SAW PUZZLES / puzzle apps

Reading or Writing Poetry Virtual museum tours Old School or modern video games phone games like PAPER. IO or Candy Crush

go for a walk - take your dog!

heavy duty house cleaning

re arrange your furniture

Homework for online school! No classes? Take free courses online or watch YouTube educational videos to stay sharp and never stop learning!

Create something! a collage, painting, sketch from life or from photos, practice your photography, practice your makeup skills, play with photoshop, color in a coloring book- ETC take a bubble bath!

have a work out! or a dance party!

board game and drinks night or a movie marathons

the options are endless

(Sincerely hoping everyone out there has access to what they need during these troubling times)

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cant for you to do some live art!

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