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Thank you for visiting my website and sharing my passion for art. See the Portfolios page to browse my creations, and scroll down to the About section to get a general idea of my work and my mission. For more insight into my personal life, goals, and artistic journey, visit my blog. At the bottom of this page you'll also find links to my Social media.


About My Art

Sabrina Robinson Art isn't a brand, or a big shop, it's just me! A small, woman owned business going on ten years of professionally creating art work for myself as well as for the community. I believe self expression is an integral part of the human experience, and expressing myself through art is my lifelong passion. Be it drawing, painting, or music, I truly believe it's part of my purpose in life to share my inspirations and interpretations. Additionally, I've always wanted to help people and make some impact no matter how big or small it may seem. Through art I've been able to assist others in expressing themselves. Whatever the medium, art can help us through grief, it can provide confidence, or provide artistic representation of our desires and style. It can open minds and connect us with others or with our own spirit. I hope you find beauty in my work and the way I see the world.  If you're interested in working together I'd love to help bring your visions to life. Tattoo questions may email Figure 8 Ink studios. Other inquiries may contact me through Instagram. 

 About Me

  I'm  a twenty something person navigating my path and embracing my obstacles. I cherish my family, pets, and adventures. My favorite things to do when I'm not making art include camping, foraging, enjoying music, eating good food, and spending time with my pets and my people. My favorite places to experience are local wildlife management areas, the Virginia Museum of fine arts, Virginia Beach, the Outer Banks, and the Shenandoah area.   I'm currently located in Fredericksburg, Virginia, the city I've called home for two decades. The Fredericksburg art scene is one of the spaces in which I've been able to grow and watch others flourish. From small venue shows with a few vendors to large organized events with hundreds; if it weren't for the diverse, kind, and talented people here I wouldn't be the artist I am today. I started participating in these events when I was in high school.


Around that same time I was connected with Tricia, the shop owner at Figure 8 and now my close friend. Years after graduation, she sponsored my apprenticeship and gave me the keys to a career. During my apprenticeship I was working part time in Fair Trade, and finishing up at Germanna community college. There I found a knack for biology and honed my drawing style. I graduated with an Associate's degree in educational psychology. Though I shifted away from teaching at public schools, I'm  happy to have the option to teach at Figure 8 when my schedule allows. For now, my focus is tattooing. I truly fell in love with the craftsmanship and ancient history of it and look forward to all that my future in tattooing and art has to offer.

In this life I've experienced  beautiful, painful, and wonderful things. And with each new day I look forward to learning so much more. 

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