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A Start in Tattooing

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

If you follow my work, my social media, and/or my shop's progress, then you know I'm currently about half way through my tattoo apprenticeship journey. If you're new to my story, no worries, I'll catch you up.

I've been an artist for as long as I can remember, training my entire youth for a life of creating. At 14 I began selling drawings and throughout the years I've experimented with all kinds of personal creations and custom commissions in a variety of media. During and after high school, I continued to grow my art business and enjoyed it as a side gig, attending art shows and concerts as often as possible. Truly, what I wanted was to do art every day and make it my main source of income. For years I enjoyed (and hated) multiple jobs and continued saving up to earn my degree in order to achieve a career in art teaching. I made it as far as my associates degree, and one practicum as a teacher's assistant. At that point I questioned my path and began begging for the universe to help me find my way, which takes us to about a year and a half ago. Tricia Atkinson, owner of Figure 8 ink studios reached out to me with the opportunity that would shape the rest of my life. Though it was a dream, I never thought that I would be lucky enough to find my way into a tattoo shop, considering it nearly impossible for a strange, anxious young woman like myself. But customer service was always my strong suit, so receptionist and artist assistant didn't seem so impossible. Tricia and I had formed a sensei / student relationship once before when she was an art instructor my Junior year of high school. That encounter put me on her radar, and when she and Gabby (previous desk assistant, old school mate of mine, and fellow artist) needed help, they heard my cries to the universe and offered me the position. Gabby trained me on desk and I loved the job. I began observing the work of the artists and learning everything I could about keeping the shop running smoothly. After a few months of what Tricia calls the study period, we began my apprenticeship in October 2020. In November I officially got my apprenticeship license and in February, 2021 started tattooing people.

Over time It's been a challenge; a true test of my patience, talents, and passion. Tattooing is my new love. The history, culture, intimacy, craftsmanship, and creativity of it fills me soul. I don't know about you folks reading this, but I believe in the power of energy. And I believe that I was meant to be here doing this job. I hope that each of you has the same drive and commitment to your passions to achieve great things with love.


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