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Updated: May 19, 2020

With all of this time cooped up in my home, I've spent probably half of every day just creating: mostly sketching....My first love. In graphite, pen, or colored pencil, sketches explore the lines, movement, and various details of figures, shapes, and scapes. In my opinion, quick but focused drawings are the best way to improve skills. It's also great fun to create an image without the pressure of perfection. As commission artists we sometimes get sucked into only drawing what other people want. Its important to get in touch with what YOU want out of your art. What do you want to see ? Sketch booking is a great way to find out what you want out of your art and go after it.

I encourage you all to start or finish a sketchbook <3 Here are some fun sketchbook activities to try: -Cut a symmetrical image in half, paste it in your sketchbook, and draw the other half of the image (this works well with faces) -loosely create random shapes of various sizes, then go back to those shapes and add details to make them into something fun or recognizable -go through works of master artists and draw your own version of their work, investigate THEIR lines, shadows, colors, etc and see how you differ and what is similar... they're masters for a reason! learn from them! -create a collage ! (magazines, newspapers, dried flowers, etc) then DRAW that collage! Its great practice for line weight !

-draw from LIFE! even small unassuming things can be turned into a work of art. Draw a water bottle. A banana peel. Draw the back of someone's head on public transit - life drawings are great ways to learn perspective and capture character That's all for now! Stay tuned for more tips and updates! HAPPY SKETCHBOOKING!

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